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Appeal For Donation

For Madarsa Qadria Hanfiyah Taleem-Ul-Quran(Trust)

We are greatly indebted to you for your kind Donation towards the Islamic and religious upbringing of poor students of Madarsah Qadriah Hanfiyah Taleem-Ul-Quran , located in a Poor Section of Karachi, Pakistan .

We Frequently hope and pray that in future you will stay commited towards the welfare of these students and donate generously , specailly on the Auspicious Occasion such as Ramzan-ul-mubarak and Eid Days so that these poor Future generation of ours is not deprived of the sense of happiness and security from our Islamic brothers and sisters . These are also the guide lines of our Islamic Teachings . We thankyou on the behalf of our colleagues serving at the above Madarsah for the cause Islamic Selflessly with faith in ALLAH without any fear or sense of reward except blessing of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH .

Please Donate Your Zakat , Fitra , Sadqat to the mentioned Account .
Account No. 978-3 Alied Bank LTD. Drigh Colony Branch-1
Karachi Pakistan.

    For Masjid Jamia Islamia Sulemania(Trust)

It is requested that a Masjid at Thipra Village Distt Haripur is under construction base and walls have been constructed . It's roof and other parts are under constuction , work is stopped due to shortage of Funds . It is requested that kindly donate a reasonable amount for this noble cause int the name of ALLAH . This Masjid is located in deprived area and the people have to go far away to pray in the masjid .

For financial help donate on this Account .
Account No. 1724-8 National Bank of Pakistan Shahrah-e-Hazara Branch
Haripur .